Smart Sprayer

80% less chemicals by spraying only crop weeds instead of full crop surface.

How Does it Work?

ATAR camera modules mounted at 2-meter intervals along the sprayer boom capture images of the crop surface.

These images are then analyzed by a machine learning algorithm that identifies weeds in real-time.

This information is relayed to the ATAR nozzle control system, which activates each nozzle separately to spray only unwanted plants.

Works for grass weeds in soybean, sunflower, corn, sugar beet, other...

ATAR Smart Sprayer Benefits

  • Significant cost savings

    Reduce herbicide usage by 80% and save 40e per hectare on average.
  • Environment impact

    Our approach significantly minimizes the environmental footprint, promoting more sustainable farming practices.
  • Optimized crop health

    By mitigating crop stress, we enhance overall crop health, leading to better yields.
  • Optimized operations

    Our solutions cut down the sprayer refill frequency by 5 times, boosting sprayer utilization and overall efficiency.
  • Reduced risk

    Reduces the risk of drift and overusage by precisely targeting specific areas and minimizing unintended spread and excessive application.

Delivery models

ATAR Smart Spraying Services

Get top-tier spraying services on a per-hectare basis. Our experts use advanced ATAR tech to target only the weeds, saving you costs and promoting eco-friendly farming

ATAR Smart Sprayer Kit Rental

Rent our ATAR Smart Sprayer Kit to upgrade your existing equipment easily. Enjoy the flexibility of a DIY approach with pay-per-use efficiency and full technical support.

Return on Investment Calculator

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